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Safety Information

Status update

We're still here

Our counselling service for young people is still open. 


Stay at home if you can

At the moment, the safest way to access support is by finding a quiet space at home and arranging a phone call or video call with your counsellor. If this isn't possible, we'll try our best to arrange an appointment in person. If you visit our youth centre, you'll need to read the information on this page first.

Parents and carers

If your child is attending a one-to-one appointment in person, we'll send you a Parental Consent Form which can be filled in online. When completing the form, you'll need to confirm that you've read the information on this page.

Time slots

Start and finish times

Please arrive as closely as possible to your start time. If you're early, please wait outside to allow us time to clean the counselling room and toilets. If you're running late, please let us know (but remember that sessions will still need to finish at the agreed time).

Accompanying family

Due to current Government restrictions, only the person receiving counselling will be able to enter the building. Accompanying family members who live in the same household may use the toilets (located at the main entrance) at the start or end of the counselling session, but are not able to stay in the building during the session.


Level of risk

According to the National Youth Agency, the alert level in England is currently at AMBER. This means one-to-one support activities for young people are allowed.

How we're reducing risks

We're doing everything we can to keep our venue as safe as possible. One-to-one support takes place in a large room with plenty of space. The windows will be open for extra ventilation, and we'll make sure everything is properly cleaned before you arrive. Even with all this in place, there is still a risk of catching or transmitting Covid-19. You can help reduce this risk even further by following the safety guidance below at all times.

Safety guidance


Please use the hand sanitiser at the front desk when you arrive.


Please wear a face covering (if you're exempt, please let us know in advance).


Always stay at least 2 metres apart from other people. 

What to bring

We need to keep windows open for ventilation, so you might want to wear warm clothing and bring a coat. We can't provide food or drinks, but you're welcome to bring a bottle of water with you.



Toilets are located at the main entrance. Please remember to wash your hands for at least 20 seconds with soap and water.

Things we need to know

Not feeling well?

If you're feeling unwell, or if anyone you live with has covid symptoms, please tell us before you set off. We'll ask about symptoms and might need to re-arrange your session.


If you've been told to self-isolate, your session will need to be re-arranged. Please contact us as soon as possible.

Not sticking to the rules?

If you've not been following the lockdown rules, please be honest and tell us before you set off. We're not here to judge you or enforce rules, but we might need to re-arrange your session to keep others safe.

Any questions?

Your counsellor or mentor

If you have any questions at all, please contact your counsellor or mentor, who'll be more than happy to help.

Vision office

If you can't get through to your counsellor or mentor, our contact details can be found here.

The information on this page was last reviewed on 12 April 2021.