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You can make a cash donation at any Vision event, and at some local stores.

Donations of £20 or less Small cash donations automatically qualify for Gift Aid when put into an official Vision donation bucket. This means that a donation of £20 is boosted to £25 by HMRC.

Larger donations

Please put donations of more than £20 into a sealed envelope before placing into a donation bucket. If your donation is eligible for Gift Aid, please make sure you include your name and address.


Woodlea Mission

Donation buckets are available at Woodlea Mission whenever the building is open for an event. Cash donations in sealed envelopes can also be posted through the front door on weekdays between 9am-5pm.

Local businesses

Small donation tubs are also currently located at the following local businesses:

+ Co-op, Waterfoot

+ Mannings, Waterfoot

+ Tricketts Insurance, Rawtenstall

Where to give

Can I send a donation in the post?

Please don't send cash in the post - it's much safer to send a cheque.

Does Vision issue receipts for donations?

We don't issue receipts for donations unless you specifically ask for one. If you've told us your name and address, we will usually send a 'thank you' letter or an occasional fundraising update in the post.


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