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You can make a one-off donation to Vision quickly and securely using our online donation form.


Card donations

1. Open the form

Click the link above. A secure donation form will open in a new window.

2. Choose a donation amount

Choose a pre-set donation, or type your own amount.

3. Type your card details

We currently accept donations by debit or credit card including Visa, Mastercard and American Express. Donations are processed securely by Stripe. Your card details are not seen by Vision.

4. Select Gift Aid options

UK taxpayers can increase the value of gifts by up to 25% with Gift Aid.

5. Provide an email address

Once your online form is submitted, you'll receive two confirmation emails: a receipt from Stripe, and a 'thank you' email from Vision.

How it works

How secure is the form?

Vision uses Stripe, one of the world's biggest and most secure online payment providers. Your card details are not collected or stored by Vision.

Is there a fee?

Stripe charges a small payment processing fee of 1.4% + 20p  for each transaction. This fee is automatically taken from the amount we receive, so if you were to donate £10, Vision would be charged 24p and would receive £9.76. However, if this donation was eligible for Gift Aid, Vision would also receive £2.50 from HMRC, which more than covers the small processing fee.

How much data is stored by Vision?

Your name, email address and the donation amount are collected and stored by Vision for our confidential financial records. If you choose to add Gift Aid, we also collect your home address to enable us to reclaim tax from HMRC. No other personal details are collected or stored. 

For more details about how Vision uses your personal data, please visit our Privacy Dashboard.


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