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Song: Calling Out!

Jump off the sofa and sing along to a Vision Kids classic!

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Lite Nite 2020

Re-watch our biggest and brightest event of the year in full!

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LN20: Story

Who is Zac, and why is he hiding up a tree? Find out in our story.

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August 2020

Learn some dance moves and make a craft in our August update.

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Song: Wake Up!

Dance like no-one's watching with our Vision Kids band!

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LN20: Smile (Reach)

Smile for a very special performance from Reach Puppets!

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Easter 2020

Nathan and Kathryn tell the Easter story in our first Vision Kids video.

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Christmas 2020

With a Christmas sketch recorded at home by Reach Puppets.

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Easter 2021

Featuring a brand new song from Nathan and Reach Puppets.

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LN20: Memory Verse

Henry + friends try out video calling to help us learn a Bible verse!

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June 2020

Find out what happened when Peter stepped out of the boat!

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Ding Dong! (Reach)

Watch 'Ding Dong Merrily on High' as you've never seen it before!