Policy Version


Approved by Board of Trustees

September 2017

Last Reviewed

August 2021

Next Review Due

August 2023

Expenses Policy


1. Volunteers and the law
2. Buying for the charity
3. Travel expenses
4. Other expenses
5. How to claim
6. Limitations
7. Questions or concerns



1. Volunteers and the law

By law, charities must not make any payment to volunteers except for genuine out-of-pocket expenses, such as those described in this document.

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2. Buying for the charity

Any team member may offer to use their own money or credit card to buy something for Vision. In this situation, the charity will reimburse the exact amount paid, as long as:

  1. the purchase was approved by Vision’s director, Board of Trustees or an authorised team leader before any payment was made;

  2. the team member is able to submit a receipt from the retailer showing the date of sale, a description of what was purchased, and the total amount paid;

  3. the claim is submitted to the Treasurer promptly (see 6. Limitations);

  4. the volunteer is prepared to assist the charity if an item needs to be returned.

3. Travel expenses

Team members who need to make a journey for their work can claim travel costs as shown below up to a limit of £30 per month. Higher claims must be authorised first.

  1. team members who need to use their own vehicle can claim towardsn fuel costs at a rate of 40p/mile (for local journeys) or 20p/mile (outside Rossendale);

  2. team members who need to use public transport can claim back the full amount of any travel tickets purchased (at the cheapest available rate);

  3. any travel using private hire vehicles (e.g. taxis) will not be reimbursed unless authorised in advance.

Travel to and from Woodlea Mission will not normally be reimbursed except for:

  1. team members who are transporting young people*;

  2. volunteers working regularly at Woodlea Mission who have permission from the Board of Trustees to claim travel costs.

* team members must register with Vision as a designated driver before transporting under 18s on behalf of the charity.

4. Other expenses

Other genuine out-of-pocket expenses (e.g. overnight accommodation, meals etc.) may be paid but must be discussed with the Director and agreed in writing before any reservations or arrangements are made.

5. How to claim

To make a claim, volunteers should complete a Reimbursement or Travel Claim Form and attach proof of purchase. The Treasurer will always aim to reimburse volunteers as quickly as possible.

6. Limitations

The charity cannot enter into a part-ownership arrangement:

  1. as soon as a team member receives reimbursement for purchases made on behalf of the charity, full and exclusive legal ownership passes to Vision;

  2. anything a team member gives to the charity will be treated as a donation unless hire/loan terms are agreed in writing beforehand.

Reimbursement is subject to reasonable time limits:

  1. the charity is not obliged to reimburse team members who have not presented a claim to the Treasurer within 6 months of incurring an expense;

  2. team members requesting a cheque from the charity must present the cheque to their bank within 6 weeks of the issue date;

  3. the charity cannot take responsibility for delays in the banking system.

The charity is not obliged to reimburse team members who:


cannot produce proof of purchase;


did not receive permission in advance;

Any attempt to purposely submit false information in relation to a reimbursement claim must result in action being taken under the charity’s disciplinary procedure.

7. Questions or concerns

Anyone who is worried about any aspect of reimbursement should contact Vision’s Board of Trustees, who take concerns very seriously. Please email trustees@visionyouth.org.uk or write to the Board of Trustees c/o Woodlea Mission, Tenterfield Street, Rossendale, BB4 7BA