No Reach tonight :(

Updated: May 21

Hello everybody

It’s really sad we cannot meet this evening and we will miss seeing you all. How are you all coping away from your friends? I hope you are all managing to keep in touch with as many of your friends as possible. It really is important we stay as connected and positive as possible. One person we don’t have to distance or self isolate ourselves from is Jesus and he says don’t worry about anything but come to him and pray. We have lots of time so let’s do that, let’s come to him and read our bibles - (Vision has set a challenge to read a chapter of Mark every day up to Easter - please sign up for this if you’re not doing it already). Let’s pray for our family and friends each day. Phone at least one person a day to keep in touch and don’t forget grandparents or older people - you know as all ages are in this together. Be kind and encouraging in all your texts and posts. Keep your sense of humour - things are a lot worse for a lot of people. Lastly give thanks each day for at least 3 things and keep it different as as possible each day: mine today are...

1) I have some toilet rolls 🤣

2) I have technology to keep in touch even though I’m not very good at it🤣🤣

3) thank you for Nathan at Vision for helping us keep in touch.

There is also Connect Live Stream on Friday Night - if you’d like to join we’d love to see you. Take good care of yourselves and I’m praying God's Peace over you all.

God Bless

Alison and the Reach leaders x

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