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Updated: May 21

Hi everyone!

Congratulations - you’ve got through another week! Well done. That means we’re one week closer to the end of Lockdown, whenever that is 🙄

It was lovely to see some of you on Friday evening on CONNECT Live Stream. If you’re not on this and would like to be, please click for details, it’s good fun 🙂🙃

I’m missing seeing you all, and I’m wondering how you’re all managing to fill your time? On Friday it sounded like Melody & Theo had been doing lots of school work - very admirable - and Stephen is learning yet another language, Italian, which is most impressive.

I hope you’ve all been out clapping on Thursdays for all our amazing key workers - lots of pan banging and whistles near us 👏👏👏

Quite a few of us are doing the Vision lockdown challenge: reading Jesus' life story in the book of Mark up to Easter. I’ve enjoyed having the time to do this and although Easter will be very different for us all the incredible life-changing message is the same, and hopefully even more relevant this year. “For God so loved the World 🌎 that he sent His only Son that whoever believes in Him will not perish but have eternal life “. Thank you, Jesus.

I’m sure you’re all missing family, friends, going out, even school 🙂🙃 but today is especially hard for Joshua as it’s his 16th birthday and he’s missing a Reach Puppet celebration 🥴 but we wish him 🎂”Happy Birthday” 🥳. Rose was our first puppeteer to have a lockdown birthday 🎁 and we have 2 more coming up - Theo and Timothy. It’s hard for everyone as everything is so different. But I hope you’re still finding things to be grateful for - the weather, technology and health are mine today.

I pray you will keep well and strong and save up your many celebrations for when this is all over. Keep praying & keep smiling.

Love to all

Alison and all the Reach leaders xx


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