Attitude of gratitude

Updated: May 21

Hi everyone, happy Tuesday!

I’m missing you all as always and am hoping and praying you are all coping OK. It’s not easy and not what we want, but well done to you all for getting through so far.

We've had some brilliant news - Jenna gave birth to a beautiful little baby girl last Wednesday called Rona, weighing a perfect 6lb 11oz. They are both doing well and Jenna and her husband Josh are delighted 😍 so lovely to have good news 🙂🙃

I’ve been helped again this week with the lovely weather and watching nature. Being in the garden every day I’m noticing the tiny buds and then the leaves growing in front of me. God's handiwork is amazing. Apparently - due to so much less pollution - the canals in Venice have fish in them for the first time in years 👌👍.

My advice as always is to have an attitude of gratitude. It’s not always easy, but the worst thing you can do is compare yourselves to others 😕 just remember we’re not all in the same boat but we are all in the same storm, and it will pass. God promises to hear our prayers so please keep talking to Him remember your teaspoon prayer guide (T.S.P.)

Thank you



Take good care of yourselves, exercise, stay grateful, keep in contact with friends and family.

Missing you all

Alison and all Reach leaders xx

p.s. we are having so much fun on Fridays at Connect! Please join in if you can!


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