It's good to laugh!

Updated: May 22

Hi everyone, happy Tuesday! Missing you all and praying for you.

I hope you’re doing well. Congratulations on getting to the end of yet another week. We have lots of things to be grateful for... weather, technology, our homes... but with talk of easing the lockdown we can start to worry what that will look like, and will it be to our liking 😕

In the Bible, Peter says to cast our anxiety onto Jesus. He really is there for us. Please do pray and if you have any prayer requests or worries you need to share please reply to this text and we can find the best way to help you 🙏🏼🙂🙃

It was lovely to see some of you on Friday on Connect Livestream. I’d no idea that Melody and Theo had a real live chicken 🐓 and a cat 🐱 how does that work??😲

I think we really do need to keep our sense of fun and humour. Here's a Tim Vine clip that just tickled me and Stuart so I hope it makes you laugh 😂 it’s so good to laugh.

Stay safe, stay active and in touch with friends and family

Alison and all the leaders xxx

p.s. no Connect live this week as it's Bank Holiday, but sign up to take part in Inspire Live next week at


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