The secret of being content

Updated: May 25

Hi everybody!

Welcome to week 8 of lockdown (or STAYING ALERT as we now are supposed to be) can you believe it? 🙄🤪😤🙂🙃

I’d love you to share what has been hard and what has been good. You can reply to this message and we can share it with other puppeteers if you like, or just pray - let us know.

Just to start it off I’d say the hardest thing for me is missing people - family, friends and you 😤 but one of the best things I’ve enjoyed is walking from home and going down streets or through woods or lanes just to see where they lead and what is round the corner (yes I’m really nosy). I just love having the time to explore. It’s like playing out again 🤣🤣.

Also the moon has been incredible this last week too. But the thing that blesses me most is Facetiming my family, so don’t underestimate what a blessing you can be by calling friends and family 😍

It was a special week for Katie B, whose birthday it was on Sunday. She had lovely pink banners over the front of her house saying “Happy 14th Birthday" 🎂

In the Bible, Paul writes that he had LEARNED the SECRET of being content in every situation, and I’m praying this for all of us. He said “I can do everything through him who gives me strength”. I Pray 🙏🏼 we all can be strengthened and content through Jesus.

I hope you liked your video clip last week. We’ve attached another this week 🤣🤣🤣 also I’m reading a lovely book about a lonely boy who makes friends with a little mole, so I’ve shared some pictures of that... and best of all, a picture of Jenna’s adorable little baby girl Rona 😍

Remember to keep smiling, keep active, keep in contact and stay safe

Alison and all the Reach Leaders x

p.s. it's not too late to join in with Connect, every Friday at 7:30pm!

Jenna and Josh's baby Rona 😍

I took these photos from "The Boy, The Mole, The Fox and The Horse" by Charlie Mackesy

And finally... another funny Tim Vine video for you!


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