This page has been written for children aged 12 and under. It's all about how Vision uses your personal information. We know there's a lot to read, but we want you to understand exactly what information we use, and what your rights are. Your parents or carers will need to read this page too. 


The law

The law says we're not allowed to save any details about you without asking your parents or carers first. This is to keep you safe. From your 13th birthday, you'll be able to tell us some details yourself.

Your profile

This page talks a lot about your 'profile'. This is a small file on our computer system where we save all the details that your parents or carers have told us about you. You can ask us to change or delete your profile any time.

About Vision

Vision is a charity working with children and teenagers in Rossendale. Please see the 'Help' section at the end of the page for more details.


Filling in a card

When you come to a Vision event, we'll ask your mum or dad (or whoever is looking after you) to fill in a card. Everything that's written on your card will be typed up and added to your profile.


The card will ask for your name, your age/school, and a phone number of an adult in case we ever need to get in touch with them. There's space on the card to tell us about allergies or medical details so we can look after you. 

Extra info

If we need to know more, we'll ask a parent or carer to fill in a Consent Form. This is just for special activities or trips, which might not happen until you're a bit older (11 or 12). 

The Consent Form might ask for things like your home address or who your doctor is. We'll also check whether it's OK for you to appear on photos and videos...


Taking photos and videos

We often take photos and videos at Vision events. We use these to show people all the exciting things that Vision does. Sometimes we upload pictures or videos to our website or social media pages, or print pictures for newsletters.

For smaller events, like Kids Club or Connect, we know who everyone is. If you're on a photo or video that we want to show to other people, we can check with your parents or carers first.

For bigger events, like Lite Nite, there are so many people that it's hard to check with everyone. For these events, we put up notices so your parents or carers know how we will use photos and videos.


Our youth centre, Woodlea Mission, has CCTV cameras which record indoors and outdoors 24 hours a day. This helps make our building safer for visitors and volunteers. 


First Aid

We do everything we can to keep you safe when you're at Vision events. If you have an accident or feel ill, we'll write down what happened so we can talk to your parent or carer. We'll save all the details safely in our office.

Talking to us

You can talk to our team about anything! Sometimes, we need to write down the things you tell us, especially if someone is in danger. We'll tell you if this happens, and will keep the notes safe in our office. The only people who will see the notes are adults who can help you (for example, we may need to pass information confidentially to the police).


You can trust Vision

We only use trusted companies to help us keep track of everyone's details (like Microsoft), so you can be sure that everything we know about you is very safe.The only people who see your profile are those who really need it to do their jobs.

Making changes

If you want us to change your details - or delete everything - just ask one of our team. You can also ask a parent or carer to make changes using our Privacy Dashboard.

Keeping your details

If you stop coming to Vision events, we'll keep hold of your Registration Card and Consent Form for a year in case you come back (unless you ask us to delete everything).

There are some things that can't be deleted for a while. This includes CCTV, First Aid notes and other Safety Notes. These could be kept for up to 5 years, but are usually deleted sooner than that.


Thank you for reading!

If you have a question that isn't answered here, please use our Contact Form to get in touch.

Texts & emails

If you have a mobile phone and are aged 11 or 12, a parent/carer can give permission for you to receive some of our texts and emails.


This Privacy Notice was introduced on 24 May 2018. If we have your contact details, we'll let you know if we make any big changes to this notice.

About Vision

Vision (Rossendale) is charity registered in England & Wales (no. 1138523) and a company limited by guarantee (no. 7315280). Our registered office is Woodlea Mission, Tenterfield Street, Rossendale, BB4 7BA.

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