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This page has been written especially for volunteers aged 18+. It's all about how Vision uses your personal informationWe know there's a lot to read, but we want you to understand exactly what data we store, why we need it, and what your rights are.

Your profile

This page talks a lot about your 'profile'. This is a small file on our system where we save all your details. The more information you tell us, the more detailed your profile will be. This is the safest and most effective way to store your data, because everything's in one place and can easily be accessed, updated or deleted (see 'Your Rights' section below).

About Vision

Vision is a charity working with children and teenagers in Rossendale. Please see the 'Help' section at the end of the page for more details.


Your profile

During the application process we create a detailed profile, starting with your full name and age group.

Contact details

The first data we'll add to your profile is a mobile number and email address of your choice. These contact details will be used by your team leader(s) to communicate about relevant events and activities. You can also choose to add optional Vision email updates, such as Bible Series or Vision Kids News.

Volunteer Operations

During the application process and throughout your time with Vision, the Volunteer Operations Team will keep your profile up-to-date with relevant data, for example motor insurance details (for volunteer drivers), training certificates and your volunteer status. They'll also store a copy of your application form and any confidential references.

Bank details

Any bank details you provide to the Treasurer for reimbursement or travel expenses will be kept securely and won't be linked to your profile.


Self Declaration Form

All volunteers need to complete a Self Declaration Form during the application process and every 3 years afterwards. You'll need to give your date of birth and home address, which will be added to your profile. You'll also be asked questions about any police investigations or conviction history - this is more sensitive data which is not linked to your profile and can only be accessed by authorised DBS recruiters.

DBS Check

All volunteers need to undergo DBS checks through an independent Christian safeguarding charity called thirtyone: eight (formerly CCPAS). You'll be asked for your gender, National Insurance number, language, place of birth, nationality and any previous names and/or addresses. This data is not linked to your profile and can only be accessed by authorised DBS recruiters, although it will need to be shared by CCPAS (see 'Protecting Your Data' below).

If the DBS Check contains no information that would prevent you from volunteering, you'll be given a DBS certificate number, issue date and expiry date, which are stored on your profile and available to you and your team leader(s). Vision may need to share this information with any schools or youth groups you visit while volunteering.


Photo & video consent

We often take photos and videos during Vision events as a record of the charity's work. Selected images or clips may be posted on our website or social media, or used in newsletters or other promotional material.

As a volunteer, you can tell us whether or not you're happy for us to use photos or videos which show you taking part in Vision events or activities.


Keeping everyone safe

Our youth centre, Woodlea Mission, has CCTV cameras which record indoors and outdoors 24 hours a day. 

CCTV cameras help make our building safer for visitors and volunteers. All activities and events can be monitored live or reviewed later by our Safety Team.


I.C.E. Sheet

Regular volunteers will be given the option to complete an I.C.E. Sheet to provide emergency contact numbers and details of any medication or allergies. This data is for emergency use only and won't be linked to your profile.

Accident records

In the unlikely event that you're hurt during a Vision event, we'll create an accident record which will be stored securely in our office.

Safeguarding notes

If you tell us something which we think is a safeguarding concern, we'll need to make some confidential notes about what you said. This is to help us protect children from harm. Notes are kept separate from your profile, but may need to be passed on to the police or organisations who specialise in child safeguarding.


Our promise

We want you to be able to trust us with your personal information, so here's our promise:


1. We'll only ask for information that we really need.

2. We'll do everything we can to keep your data safe.

3. We'll never share your details outside of the charity, except for the two reasons shown below...

Help from other companies

Vision is a small charity, so we use trusted companies like Microsoft or MailChimp to help us store our data safely and securely.

Legal reasons
Like all charities, there are times when the law says that we must provide information to the police or similar authorities. One example of this is your DBS Check where your data is shared with CCPAS and processed using police records.


The right to update your info

Using the Privacy Dashboard, you can update your contact details at any time. 

The right to opt-out

Using the Privacy Dashboard, you can opt-out of any event reminders or other updates that you asked us to send to you. You can also ask us to delete data that you previously gave consent for us to store (see 'Data collected with your consent' in the next section).

The right to see your data

Using the Privacy Dashboard, you can ask to see a copy of all the data we store on your profile.


Data collected with your consent

Some data is stored because we have your consent to do so (for example your I.C.E form, or your bank details for reimbursement). Data collected by consent will be stored for as long as you continue to volunteer, unless you ask us to delete it.

Data collected for legitimate interests

There's some information on your profile which we need to keep for as long as you continue to volunteer. This includes up-to-date contact details and any records held by the Volunteer Operations Team. If you leave Vision, your records will be stored for up to 2 years.

Legal obligations

Personal details provided for DBS Checks will be available to our authorised DBS recruiters for up to 2 years after the certificate expires. We are also legally required to keep hold of accident records, CCTV footage of incidents, and safeguarding notes, so you can't ask us to delete any of this data either. CCTV footage is usually stored for up to 6 months. Safeguarding notes, including accident records, may be stored for up to 5 years.

Photos & videos

As a registered charity, it's in the public interest for us to keep a record of Vision's work and legacy. For this reason, official photos and videos taken at Vision events are usually archived on our system. You can ask us to remove a specific photo or video from our website or social media using the Privacy Dashboard.


Thank you for reading!

If you have a question that isn't answered here, please use our Contact Form to get in touch.


This Privacy Notice was introduced on 24 May 2018. If we have your contact details, we'll let you know if we make any significant changes to this notice.

About Vision

Vision (Rossendale) is charity registered in England & Wales (no. 1138523) and a company limited by guarantee (no. 7315280). Our registered office is Woodlea Mission, Tenterfield Street, Rossendale, BB4 7BA.

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