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Reach Puppets

Hello 2024!

New to Reach?

Would you like to join Reach?

We're looking for new members aged 10-16. Ask a parent or carer to read all the info on this page, then complete the form to register your interest.

Already joined Reach? Here are the dates for this term...

Dates for this term

Quickfire questions!

What is Reach Puppets?

Reach Puppets is an award-winning puppetry group for young people. We meet on Tuesday evenings in term time to rehearse exciting performances and videos. Our shows are usually aimed at younger children. We often perform at Vision Kids events or local churches.

What happens on Tuesday evenings?


A typical Tuesday rehearsal would include:

  • Fun warm-up exercises with puppets

  • Games

  • Rehearsal time in small groups

  • Time to 'recharge' with refreshments, inspiration and prayer

What do I need?


You don't need to bring anything. We have free drinks and snacks at break time.

How much does it cost?


Reach Puppets is free! You don't need to bring any money with you.

I'm new. Can I join?


Yes! We're looking for new puppeteers. You can join any time from your 10th birthday right up to when you leave high school at 16. You don't need any experience - our team will help you learn all the basic skills in no time at all.


Reach Puppets is a brilliant opportunity to:

  • Build confidence

  • Learn different skills

  • Make new friends

  • Work as a team

  • Enjoy the buzz of performing

  • Get extra support from our team if you need it

If you've never been to Reach Puppets and would like to try it out, please message our youth team on 07454 50 80 30. You can also ask a parent or carer to contact us.

Who's on the team?


Our team leader is called Alison, who's been running Reach Puppets for more than 20 years! Our choreographers, coaches and backstage team are Jenny, Lizzi, Lottie, Stuart, Suzie and Yvonne.

Parents and carers



If your child would like to join Reach Puppets, please complete the form at the end of this page.


We'll send you a link to a digital Consent Form. This allows us to securely register your child on our system and keep them safe when they're with us.

New puppeteers might need to wait a few weeks before joining, especially if we've started rehearsing for a big performance and have already allocated parts.


Reminders and updates


We send updates to parents/carers via WhatsApp. We'll usually send a reminder the night before a rehearsal or performance. Puppeteers aged 13+ can also choose to receive weekly updates direct to their own phone.



Reach Puppets is a weekly commitment, and we hope puppeteers will look forward to attending every Tuesday. It takes many weeks to rehearse and prepare for each performance, and while it's OK to miss an occasional week, those who miss a lot of rehearsal time may also miss the opportunity to perform. If your child is unable to attend, please let us know as far in advance as possible by sending a message to 07454 50 80 30. 

Dropping off / picking up


  • Reach Puppets is held at VISION in Waterfoot. Please use our front door on Tenterfield Street. Our postcode is BB4 7BA.

  • Puppeteers should arrive at 6:30pm

  • Please pick up your child at 8:30pm. If you're a few minutes early, please wait outside until the finish time.



We want to provide a safe environment where young people feel inspired and encouraged. We expect young people to respect each other, behave sensibly, and treat equipment with care. Our team will proactively work with young people and their parents/carers if behaviour is impacting the rest of the group.

Mobile phones


Puppeteers should keep their mobile with them in case parents/carers need to get in touch, but otherwise we like to keep Reach Puppets 'screen-free' as far as possible and would prefer young people not to use their phones between 6:30-8:30pm.



VISION is an established and trusted youth charity. Keeping young people safe is always our first priority; we have detailed and robust processes and training in place. For more information please read our Safeguarding Statement.

Christian ethos


Reach Puppets is a faith-based activity. The songs we use for our performances and videos focus on a Christian message of hope, freedom and new life that we believe is found in Jesus. In our 'recharge' breaks, we often talk about God, faith and the Bible, and give young people opportunities to pray for each other. If you have any questions about this aspect of Reach Puppets, please don't hesitate to get in touch.



Reach Puppets is free for young people to attend. If you'd like to help towards our running costs, please consider donating £5/month to Vision (or making a one-off donation) which will help us keep our venue open for all young people in Rossendale.


Join Reach Puppets

If you're aged 11-16 and would like to join Reach Puppets, please ask a parent or carer to complete this form.

Please make sure your mobile number is correct before submitting this form. Your personal information is safe with VISION. We'll only use your details to contact you about this form.

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