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Shopping online


EasyFundraising turns everyday online shopping into FREE donations!

 Join EasyFundraising and start raising money when you shop online. 

Once you've joined, it's easy to start fundraising. Instead of searching on Google, just type the name of a store directly into the EasyFundraising website. In just a few clicks, you'll be shopping as normal, with one big difference: a percentage of your spend will be donated to Vision, at no extra cost.

Mobile app

Raising money is even easier with the free EasyFundraising app, available on Google Play and App Store.


You can use the app every time you shop online. Simply choose a store and tap Start Shopping. The store's website will open as normal, but you'll be raising money every time you make a purchase.

Explore the app to add favourites and see how much you and others have raised (you can opt-out of the leaderboard in account settings).


Is my shopping private?

Your purchases, payment information and personal details are never shared with Vision. The only information we see is the total amount raised by all EasyFundraising supporters.

How much is donated?

The amount donated is different for each store, and can seen on the website and mobile app. Even small percentages add up - so far almost £1,000 has been raised for Vision!

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