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Amazon Smile

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The Amazon Smile programme was discontinued in February 2023. Unfortunately, you can no longer donate to charity when you shop at Amazon.

 When asked to choose a charity 
search for
Vision Rossendale 

You can use your existing Amazon account with Amazon Smile.


Your shopping experience and the products you see will not change, but you'll be making a difference every time you shop!

Mobile app

The easiest way to use Amazon Smile is with your Amazon Shopping mobile app. In just a few clicks, you can activate Amazon Smile and relax knowing that donations will happen automatically.

Open the Amazon mobile app,

select Settings, then Amazon Smile.

If you don't see Amazon Smile in settings, check you have the latest version of the app. If you're not sure, open your App store, search for Amazon Shopping and tap 'Update'.


Is my shopping private?

Your purchases, payment information and personal details are never shared with Vision. The only information we see is the total amount raised by all Amazon Smile supporters.

How much is donated?

Amazon donates a very small amount from each purchase (0.5% excluding VAT, returns and shipping fees) but the more people use Amazon Smile, the faster this adds up. 

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