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Could you help
cover the cost 
of supporting
young people?

Every week, children and teenagers tell us they feel anxious, isolated, and under pressure. Many young people feel hopeless; some can't even see a reason to live.

For 20 years, Vision has helped young people in Rossendale find hope and purpose. Our work runs on the generosity of local individuals and businesses. Could you make a difference by covering the cost of a support session?

Counselling for a young person

£30 would pay for an hour of professional counselling (one-to-one) for a teenager in crisis who has been referred by a parent, school or GP.

Emotional wellbeing
for a class or group

£50 would pay for a class or year group at a local school to take part in one of our interactive and highly-rated Emotional Wellbeing sessions.

Counselling drop-in for a school

£150 would pay for a counselling 'drop in' space to be set up for one day at a secondary school for teenagers who urgently need professional support.

How this works

All donations will go into a single fund to help us support the emotional wellbeing of children and teenagers. This is the most effective way to respond quickly to requests for help, and offer support where it's needed most. Your donation may be used for a different activity than the examples shown on this page, but you can always be sure that any donation to Vision will help improve the lives of local young people.

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