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Emotional Wellbeing

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This session is:

a Flexible to fit your timetable

a Adaptable for different ages

a Scaleable for all group sizes

a Affordable with funding available


Our content supports secondary curriculum for physical and mental wellbeing, plus inspection framework for personal development.

Highly rated

Our sessions are backed by Lancashire County Council and consistently rated 'Excellent' by staff and students at primary and secondary schools.

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About this session

Thsounds of children and teenagers have taken part in our  Emotional Wellbeing sessions. Their input and feedback constantly shapes our content, helping us adapt to the latest issues facing young people.


The session helps students...

a Talk about what causes anxiety for their age group

a Think about how stress can affect young people

a Explore simple, positive ways to manage anxiety

Our approach

We use memorable activities, group discussions and visual demonstrations to explore stress and anxiety. We ask students to give general examples which typically affect their age group, which often includes bullying, social media, exams, relationships and other pressures. With students leading the conversation, our team can tackle challenging themes in an age-appropriate way and suggest practical ways to cope with specific situations.

Extra support

At the end of the session, all students are encouraged to take a free postcard which includes "Five ways to reduce anxiety" along with contact details for charities offering specialist support. For livestreamed sessions, we can send postcards to your school in advance.

Practical details

Age groups

  • Primary: Years 3-6

  • Secondary: Years 7-13

Class sizes

  • Small groups: up to 15 students

  • Classes: up to 30 students

  • Year groups: up to 200 students


  • Most schools choose: 2 x 60-minute sessions for each group (on the same day or different dates)

  • We also offer: 1 session for each group (45-60 minutes).


  • Small group in school: £30/hour

  • Class in school£45/hour

  • Year group in school£100/hour

  • Bring your group to us: FREE!

We run sessions at cost price. The price varies depending on how many team members we need. We don't want finances to be a barrier and often have funded sessions available. Please let us know if you think your school would need help with funding.

Contact us about this session

This form is for schools only. If you're a parent or student, please speak to a member of staff if you think your school may be interested in this session.

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