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Donate by text

Single donation 

 To donate £5 once 

 text VISION to 70490 

For other donations, add GIVE and the amount, for example:

VISION GIVE 2 to donate £2

VISION GIVE 20 to donate £20

You can replace the numbers shown with any whole amount from 1 - 20.

Monthly donation

 To donate £5/month 

 text VISION REPEAT to 70490 

You'll receive a confirmation message. UK Taxpayers can add Gift Aid, which will boost your donation to £6.25/month at no extra cost.

You can cancel a monthly donation at any time by texting STOP to 70085.

How it works

Your donation will be added to your next phone bill. Please make sure you have the bill payer's permission before donating.


Your number and any personal details you provide will only be used to process your donation. You won't receive any unwanted texts or calls from Vision.

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