Vision Kids / Lite Nite

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Shine Bright

Lite Nite is a fun and free event for children and families. It's held in October and is our biggest and brightest event of the year.

No tricks, just treats

There's nothing scary about Lite Nite. Just lots of fun for children and families... including games, songs, story, performances, challenges and much more.

Watch again!

Remember 2020? Lockdowns, video calling... and Lite Nite online! 

Watch Lite Nite 2020

Info for parents

Lite Nite is a not a Halloween party. The world is scary enough. Over 30+ years we've seen that children are happier when 31st October is all about LIFE and LIGHT!

Enjoy together

Lite Nite is better together. Parents, carers, brothers, sisters, grannies, grandads... everyone's welcome at Lite Nite!

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About Lite Nite

Lite Nite is an alternative to Halloween aimed at ages 4-11. The event has been enjoyed by thousands of children and their families on 31st October every year since 1991. The pandemic stopped us from running Lite Nite last year, but we'll be back at Woodlea Mission in October 2022!